October 31st, 2001

Good morning!

Almost going out....

One thing I've learned about System's Administration is that we never cover everything and if there is something we forgot/overlooked, then it's by there that problems are going to apear.

I've been using MySQL has a type os structured storage while I'm diging information from the whole network, at work.
It's quite amazing the amount of information there is in a simple log, if correctly treated... :-))

Well, I have to go now, I'll post again from work!

Ok, a new journal....

I read in a post in my fiends page that someone had created the ParaJournal.
So I went there and ended up creating another one for me too.

I'm not leaving LJ. For me it is and always will be The Live Journal.
But it's a nice experience, though.

I know that the first alternative was DeadJournal but I never liked the image of it, so I never created an account there.
And, probabli, soon enough, I'll be running a LJ too, mainly to my own use, in one of my servers....

Well, back to work as I still have a lot to finish today!
See you all later!
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The generation of email bouded and carried virus does create a lot of problems, specialy where one has a lot of users....

We've had the email server almost closed for quite a while and the problem was relieved but as soon as the size limit for the messages was raised, the virus problems started again.
Today the server was slow and I went to check it out and withou any surprised I found a lot of messages carrying our beloved Sircam virus....
So I'm almost out from here (and today is a holyday here, so I'll be working at home on the computers I have there... :-)) ) but I'm leaving the antivirus running a complete scan and delete of all found virus on the linux server that has the mailserver.

Friday I'll be here, again, and I'll be able to see how many were found (mainly in email messages) awaiting just to be awakened!.....

Anyway, a very good rest of day to you all and well met again, here in LJ land!