October 26th, 2001

(no subject)

I'm almost out for today.
But I have to left the Windows computer working as it's still in the midle of a download and I don't want to stop it...
The question is that I don't know if tomorrow some one is going to disconect this computer or not as the roof has to be dismouted to pass the pipes to the new air conditioner for the server's room...

Now is when I'll be just on the other side of Siberia!
With a constant temprature of 16 degrees (centigrade), there will be COLD there! (If not to visit, at least, to stay there!...)

Anyway, I want to wish you all a very good rest of day and a very good weekend; I still don't know if I'll have the oportunity to acess LJ during weekend (I have the computer at home but I don't know if I'll have the time....), so, in any case, my wishes are already left here... :-)))

And, no doubtly, we'll see again (by the latest) next monday!