October 18th, 2001

(no subject)

I'm looking for someone I've worked with, although for a short period of time, and trying to use the Internet to find her....

The email addresses I had are no longer valid, so I'm almost pointless to where to look.
But I hope I'll be able to find something in this world big Internet!

(no subject)

So far I didn't succeed in my search...

The mail I had isn't valid anymore.
In fact, we haven't spoken in almost 2 years and in 2 years a lot happens... :-)))

She isn't working at the same work, anymore (she told me, back then, that she was going to switch jobs and that was when our contact broke) so I just have a few leeds to try to find her.

In ICQ I found 4 persons in Portugal with the same name, so I'm narrowing the search but I still have a lot to search...

But it's funny how much information one can find in a serarch engine (take Google, for instance) searching for something!

That's how I found my brother's home page when I didn't even knew he had one!

Well, work's done, for today.
Not all, but I'll continue tomorrow.
Now, I'm leaving and going to pick up my eldest at granny's and go home.

But I want to wish you all a very good rest of day and a better eavening, wherever you are, and we'll meet again, later, here in LJ land!