October 11th, 2001

Structural development going ok

Structural development going ok.

Right now, I've already 2 servers instead of just only one and the old one is already marked for re-instalation.
Which means that I'm setting up a new one and then I'll have to migrate all information, users, content, etc, to the new one.
Then, I'll be ready to use it's disk for the new external server.

This is a kind of work I like but I miss development.
I just hope that once this phase is done, I can start development again!

Well, everything else is going on cruise speed (although it could be a little more fast, to my satisfacton -- anyway, they are going as fast as possible).

I've been always used to have small resources to paly and work with and this realy increments inventivity, I know.
But, sometimes, I would like to have a little more (I'm not complaining, though!....) but the experience one gains this way is higher and wider.

Well, let's start the tasks I have planned for today, to see if I can complete them all!

So, I wish to you all a very good day and I'll see you all latter, here in LJ land!