September 18th, 2001

After the day....

One day of work.

I've already started implementing the new server structure.
I have it designed almost for 10 months but only now that I'm working there I'll be able to implement it.

The most complex part is that the new structure will have to be implemented in parallel with the one that exists, right now, so that the transition can be as smooth as possible. The ideal is that no one will even notice the transition.

Right now I'm almost to start the night rituals to put my sons to bed.
It's going to be nice within a couple of years.....!
Both requiring for me to read a story to them, requesting something just remembered in order to delay going to bad, etc.

But it's rewarding to see them grow, learning, and becoming able to do more and more things on their own.

Anyway, I want to wish you all a very good night and we'll meet again here, on LJ land....
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