September 17th, 2001

New work, new life....

Tomorrow I'm starting on the new job.

In fact, it's not all new as for a number of years I've been the person responsible for the server that gives access to the Internet and hosts the enterprise sites.
But from tomorrow forward, I'll be working there on a full time and not whenever is necessary.

Here, with all of us, everything is going fine although many things go to slowly to my own taste; or is it me that is always traveling too fast?

Well, I'm about to start the night routines and put my two to bed.
So, I wish a very good night to you all and we'll se here tomorrow, on LJ land...

(no subject)

Updating this post from my new workplace.
I'm doing this through the web ibferface as I don have yet my computer here; only in a few days I'll have it.
Meanwhile, I'm instaling a new server and as it is already installed (I'm now working on updates, new packages and configuration), it is already operational and I'm using it.

So far, so good.
I just need to see what IO can acomplish throughout this week.

See you all later!

(no subject)

One thing I'm going to install here is the LJ software.
I have immediate use for it to track development of applicaions and systems and it might be used some day for other purpouses.

I have a numbe of ideas of applications to develop and I just hope and wish that my functions here will let me use some of the time to work on development.

Well, time wil tell.
I have here a very wide internal network, covering the whole country, so I gess that things tobe done and developed won't lack.

See you latter!