August 18th, 2001

(no subject)

Night routines done and everyone almost in bed.
So I'm to go next.

Today was a complicated day as my eldest son wasn't feeling right.
He had fever and was complaining that his belly hurt but if with him is quite easy to see when he is not well, he is also the worst patient that exists!
He can just say something and right away say the contrary and just to measure his fever is quite a battle.... :-(((

Anyway. he is already feeling better although we don't know exactly what happen.

Well, I wish a very good night to you all and we'll meet here in LJ land tomorrow!
See you then!

MASM for Windows

I've just found a Win32 version of MASM!

I'm installing it and to the example code I've already seen for a Windows Application is quite spectacular!
At least, with it, one can have a real idea of the code that is going to be really executed!

Further notice after some experiences and testing....