July 19th, 2001


I'm truly happy that LJ won in 2 categories!

Not all understand what makes one to use this new media of communication...
But since I've discovered LJ (more than a year ago) my life has changed a little.
I've learned a LOT with other people I've never met and I don't know but from here.
I've learned a LOT about myself while writing stuff here in LJ (most of it is just documental, but not all) and trying to get an idea of what's happening in my circle of friends is part of my daily routines.

Perhaps, like Brad said in the interview, this is somewhat addictive.
That's something I do recognize for me, although I don't have nor the time nor the intention to surf randomly and adding more and more people to my friend's list.....
But, I think, that as in every community that is the strong point. Community.

What's next?
Well, time will tell, no doubly, and I just hope that this community of communities that is Live Journal can just keep growing and will live long!
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