June 29th, 2001

Lost laptop....

Today morning, when I was going to work, I discovered I couldn't find my laptop!

Yesterday, at night, when we arrived home, one of my neighbour's dogs was outside the door (surely she escaped without no one's notice...) and we rang at the door so she could be home.
With all this I forgot the laptop in the elevator.

I do remember that my son was near the elevator and I had to urge him to get into the door.... Aparently he was the only one who had noticed that the computer was left forgoten in the elevator!

That this remain as a lesson to never ignore anything different he might do, again!

Now it's almost time to start the bed routine and I'll use to rest for a little.
Anyway I wish you all a very good night and we'll meet again tomorow!
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Good morning!

Getting ready to go out to work.

But I wanted, first, to at least write here to wish you all a very good day!
See you all latter!
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