June 25th, 2001

Cable access...

It's decided that I'm going to have cable access at home and not only ISDN.

So I was looking forward for today when the salesman from the cable company was to came here to deal with all the necessary paper stuff.
But it seems that they have different selling teams for the home and business products!.....
I'm not going to "run a business" at home but the business option I want is more advantageous in both price and bandwidth.
So, no deal and I'll have to wait until tomorrow when the other salesman is going to come here! :-((

Anyway, installing a linux server on a 10 GByte disk to replace the one already at home as the installation there didn't went as planned.

I just hope it will finish soon.

Anyway, I wish a good day for you all, here in LJ land, and I hope I'll come here again as soon I arrive home!