June 4th, 2001

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It's monday morning and I'm ready to start another work intensive week.

I wanted to have been able to do more on the weekwnd but I couldn't as I was too tired.
Anyway, at least, the head didn't had to rest as much as the body and thus I have a very clear idea of what I do have to do to finish the SGML parser.

It's funny to notice that the way things are working now is in the direction pointed by the W3C Document Object Model (DOM)....
I always knew that it would have to go in this direction, to be able to grow, but wasn't expecting to be forced to go this way too soon.
But, anyway, things were becoming too complex to manage the way I was doing them, trying to handle each element directly from the original string where they were....

Now with the root_node, I only have to apply the same principle to the rest and I home that by the end of the day I'll be able to hafe the MML parser finished.
If I manage to do so, the others will shortly follow as they are structurally similar...

Well, I have to take breakfast and get going.....

But before I would like to wish to you all, here in LJ land, a very good day!

To the stars!

Listening to the "To The Stars" track from the Dragon's Heart film sound track!

I did see the movie and one of the things that touched me more deeply was its sound track.
I had it recorded on tape but, unfortunately the tape broke and I never heard it again...
Until now!
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