May 27th, 2001

Good Morning LJ!

Good Morning, LJ!

It's a sunny day here in Lisbon and probably it will be hot during the day.
I've just woke up and I'm going to have breakbast and will be here latter....

A very good day to you all!
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Skellig [Live]

Listening to Skellig [Live] by Loreena McKennit at Spinner....

I wish there were a way to directely record the music one can hear through the Spinner player or other players but, as in stramming mode, it is just not stored on the computer.... :-(((

Anyway, it's always calm to hear it!

Although I don't have many time to build up new worlds in the Land of Fantasy, I do can understand what GEN wrote on her own journal!
Yes, those worlds might not exist in this three dimensional plan but I don't have any doubt that they do exist and that are real, at least for those who can see them.

And music is, so far to my expirience, one of the most powerfull ways we have to travel to those diferent worlds and experience (at least in part) some of it's existence....
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(no subject)

It stroke me now, when I was reading my last post, that it would seemed that the worlds I mentioned would be unreal and only fantasy.....

Well, to my experience, they are not. They exist and are real although most of the time we are not tunned to get into close contact with them and, thus, the main contact is through derams.
But that doesn't make them less real although out of usual reach, most of the time.

And are those little mut brightfull momments that some times happen, when one least expectes them, that can make us start understanding that the whole Universe has much more that what we can see, from here!.....
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It's hot here!

Seems that the Summer weather finnaly came and I guess that many persons are wishing it will stay!

I'm here, at the varanda (which was closed a long time ago), with the windows open but, even that way, it is quite hot (and I'm not directely exposed to the Sun as I'm in the southeast side of the building....).

But, having the curtains closed, I manage to keep the rest of house a little cooler....

Well, I've just had lunch and now I'm going to try to put my son to sleep as he is already sleepy (lets see if I just manage to keep him in his bed until we falls asleep!...) and then, get back here to continue working.

The application is taking shape as planned but too slowlly!
I've been trying and debuging at each step, which is good and will pay off, but makes it go too slowlly for what would be necessary....

Well, I do wish a good afternoon to you all, wherever you are!

Document compilation....

I've been thinking a lot about the way I sould handle the parsing of the SGML files.
I don't have the time necessary to make and debug a generic SGML parser, that would read the document's DTD and would validate it and compiled it into a data structure.
So, I'll go for specific parsers, one for each SGML DTD (there aren't a large number of them, right now, and also they are prety simple....).

But wat's the best way to handle them?
So far I think that the best way is to interpret them, having at the time as CURRENT dictionary, one with the words that are the tags, all of them IMMEDIATE.
In this way I can either INCLUDE it (and parse it in the process, compiling the resulting data structure in a target dictionary) or EVALUATE the string which has the document, which, will result in the same action.

After the parsing, I'll have in the target dictionary words that will give me each TAG contents and, thus, it will be quite easy to build then the necessary PHP code that I have to return....

And, doing this, this way, I also gain a valuable experience and a number of words that will be valuable after, when building the generic SGML code generator and the generic SGML code parser....

And the final test, then, it will be to pick up the HTML or the XML DTDs and see the code work as intended!

Well, that will be certainly in a near tomorrow, but today I must finish these specific parsers, so I can move tomorrow to continue building the HTML pages for the application interface and the application logic behind them!.....
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