May 24th, 2001

I did it!


It's not ready yet but today I have already sent one message from the User Interface (a 'app-start' command, actually) to the already written part of the Root Server and it all works as expected.

This night and tomorrow I must finish writting the parser to extract the relevant information from the passed messages.

Right now I'm not going for a generic SGML parser as it is more complex than just specific parsers for each *ML language used but, clearly, that'sn the wat to go in the future.
That way, I'll have the necessary tools to handle any *ML language (having it's DTD), even HTML or XML as they are specific SGML DTDs!.

Even passing code fragments from one part of the application to the other is possible as I have provided for the code type be passed within the CDML....

If everything goes well, I expect that by next friday, I might be able to continue developing the objects of the interface, etc, as the 6 basic user interface commands ('app-start', 'login', 'new-session', 'get-data', 'put-data' and 'req.object') will e implemented.

Well, back to some more work, now!
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Listening to Dealramh Go Deo by Clannad at Spinner.....

Normally I'm always listening to music.
And I do find interesting how the simple fact that sometimes latter I hear the same music all the sudent bring to memory not only rememberings but also the whole environment, feelings ald everything else that I was experiencing back then!

I supose that this will happen with anyone but, nevertheless, I do find it quite interesting....

Soon enough I'll have to stop here to go and put my son to sleep and I don't yet know if I'm going to be able to come to here and work a little more or I'll have to go and lay down and sleep for a while....
If I was to be just in movement tomorrow, from one place to the other, I would certainlly risk it but as i'll be all day in front of the computer, programming, I might not be productive at all if I don't rest, at least for a little while....


Listening to Triad, by Enya at Spinner....

Today I woke up latter than what I wanted.
The fact is that we are all tired.
She is tired as now, expecting this baby, all the suddent everything requires a greater effort.
I'm tired because all the effort put up into getting this application ready on time.

But, besides all that, it has been fun to develop it.
Yesterday I passed a milestone and I hope today I'll be able to pass another. Well, we'll see.

Right now I must get ready to go out as I already sent the work done by mail to the office.

Anyway, I wish a very good day to you all!

Time passes....

Still here, waiting for everything be ready for us to go.

I've been out already twice with my son and it's hot outside.....
Well, let's go and have some lunch and then go out (finally, I hope....)