May 23rd, 2001


I've just had dinner which was quite delicious!

Now I'm going to do the dishes and then let's see if I'm able to came here and work a little more on the application....

Surely I might seem to be like some one impacient but I trully am!
I, being the one designing and building it, surely can antecipate how it will behave even before it is complete, but hadrlly can wait until I have it working and start continuing it's development from within it self!

Anyway, although I don't have the necessary time to put myself in sync with the lastest events, here in LJ land, I do wish a very good night to you all!

Good morning!

I'm about to go out and go to the office.
I wasn't able to do much coding lastnight, as I was really tyred, but some ideas did became clearer, so I'm going to try to put them into code today.

I really have to go, so I only wan't to leave here my true wishes of a very good day to you all!