May 17th, 2001

Work done so far....

I've already moved some mail accounts from the server where they were to another server.
By some reason yet unknown to me, the POP server on the server the accounts were gives ALWAYS BAD LOGIN (whatever login it might be) and so far I couldn't understand the reason way and, thus, solve the problem.
All the other account will be moved also (in due time) but these were the most urgent.

On the other side, I'm about to leave for work (this early) has today morning I have to present what is already possible to see, from the application I'm developing, to the client.
I would like to have more things that could be seen but the most part that is already done is just code that is not complete yet and, so, doesn't work as a whole.

I just hope all goes well.
And when I return, I'm going to continue with it, oh well!

Not that I'm not enjoying developing it; only that la telly I'm tired (I think that it's due to the work and the stress to get everything ready at time and also the stress that comes from the fact that within 3 months my second child is going to be born and there is yet so much to get ready!...)

Well, I do hope that everything will run for the best, as I usually wish for!
Anyway, a good day to you all!
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