April 12th, 2001

Finally more awake....

Right now I'm officially in holidays and next Monday (if everything goes as planned), I'll be out from here for about a week.

I do need the rest but I also know to damn well that I can't just leave this application's development totally stopped for just 10 dates... Not when it is coming to the light of day!

Well, as always, too, I'll try to conciliate and see what I can come up with.
Today I've presented it to the client and although there is not yet to much to be seen, I think that I got a point.
Now I have to keep on the hard work so it will be built to the standards I've setup so far.

If I do, with this framework, I'll be able to do a number of other related applications in quite a short time....

But, back to work, for now.

After lunch, today, I've been terribly sleepy!
I thing hat is in part due to the fact that I'm really tired today and that I ate to much at lunch; an almost whole very, very delicious pizza but that had the effect to left me terribly sleepy, so this afternoon wasn't very productive at all.
Anyway, I do have now 3 days before we go so I think I'll be able to get everything ready until then

Anyway, a good afternoon to you all, here at LJ land!
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