March 29th, 2001


Or should I say CETI@work?......

I installed here the software for CETI@home and I've already observed two interesting things.....
At first, since I've started the CETI software the computer stoped twice.... Well as I was running the Celeron@700 processor at 910 MHz (I accelerated the FSB speed from 66 MHz to 86 MHZ and it was running quite stable until CETI) I think that it is to be expected.
So, for now, and to test the whole behaviour, I'm back to 66 MHz FSB speed. (which gives 700 MHz processor speed (10,5x multiplier, which is fixed in this processor)).

And the second interesting thing is that I don't have anymore spare processing time! :-)))))
Now, the processor is always 100% occupied.

So, the point is, the CETI@home software is the best stress test I know for a computer.
It it is stable under it, probabily it wont fail unexpectedlly without it! :-))))