March 8th, 2001

(no subject)

How I missed to be hearing this type of music! (Irish/Scottish)...
But lately with the time spent solving issues at work and meetings (if I only could not have to go!....), time left for anything else is quite few.

Today an accident happened and I lost all power source here. So I had to rush here as fast as possible but now things are already working, although in a contingency way.
Tomorrow I hope I'll be able to fix it in a better way.

If I manage to handle it, tonight I'm going to come here, after my son is in bed, sleeping, to see if I can left a number of things done.
Unfortunately a lot of things here have been delayed, by a number of reasons (mainly lack of time to do it all....) and I do need to have them ready.

Tomorrow is going to be again a "meeting's day" and probabilly only in the middle of the afternoon I'll be able to do some "work" in a client, continuing with the work already started today.....
As to programming, it's still waiting.

But, as my head and mind doesn't stop, at least a number of things and issues about the current projects (mine and at work) have been already solved and in there I'm ready to go for another coding round.

By the way, any one know a way how a HTML page on a browser could access the computer disk or computer diskette drive to read the contents of a file and send it back to the WEB server that supplied the page?
I need this for a security/authentication system and the only way I know that can work is with a ActiveX object to read the file. But that will tie me exclusively to IE and I would prefer not to....
An applet can only talk back to the server from which it comes (good enough) but I think it can't access the client's file system, for security reasons (the sand box just doesn't let it to do so),
Can JavaScript be used for it? I would like to know that, really.....

If any one knows an answer for this issue of knows where to point me to about this, I would appreciate it very much.

But, in the terms of the Mex4th VTM 1st prototype, things are going well, although slow, as the time left lately has been almost none.
But some problems have ben already solved and this 1st implementation is helping me to have clearer ideas about it's structure.
It seems to promise, really.
I hardly can't wait until I have it running some actual Mex4th code!

Well, I still have to write a document before I go home, so I'll have to stay for here, unfortunately.
So, to all, a very good night and an even better tomorrow!