January 6th, 2001

Things around here....

A lot has happened and I've not had so much time as I would like to write them down.... :-((((

New Year has started with some changes and I do hope that a lot of changes will be possible in this year of 2001.
At least, I'm working hard on that.

On the part of development, well, I've been able to make some progresses on the definition's level (as I'm documenting it at the sys_developer journal...) and, as I suspected, only trying to implement what is already defined one can see whether it is as useful as previously thought or not....

I do hope that in the beginning of this year I can also finish the structural changes to my network as they are really necessary to be able to grow.
I've been having some difficulties but I do think that I'll be able to overcome them....

I have to go now, but I'll be back as soon as possible.

So, I do wish a very good day to you all!
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Weekend went well although working at home, cleaning, putting things in their places, etc.

I do believe that this year that has just started will make it possible to make quite a number of changes effective; they have been due for a long time but, for a number of reasons, never were possible o make.
Anyway, let's see what can bee accomplished throughout this month of January.... That will be an indicator for the rest of the year, I think.

Well, back to work.
I'll post some more latter!

A good day for all, it's my true wishes!