December 25th, 2000

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I've just got a lovely CD, as a Christmas present, from my beloved wife with some musics I just love to hear again and again.....

Musics like these:

Concerto n 22 em E major, RV269 -- "Spring, Allegro" -- by Vivaldi
Symphony n 5 in C minor, op. 67 -- "Allegro con brio" -- by Beethoven
Radetzky - March, op. 228 -- by Strauss
Suite n 1 from the Opera Carmen -- "Il Toreador" -- by Bizet
Adagio in G minor -- by Albinoni
The Fly of the Bumblebee -- by Rimsky-Korsakov
Hungarian Dance, op. 15 -- by Brahms
Symphony n 9, Allegro Assai -- "Ode to Joy" -- by Beethoven
Canon -- by Pachelbel
The Ride of the Valquiries -- by Wagner
Nocturne in E flat major, op. 55 -- by Chopin
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, n 21 -- "Elvira Madigan ("2nd movement)" -- by Mozart
Suite "The Nut Cracker" -- "Dance of the Flowers" -- by Tchaikovsky
The Messiah -- "Alleluia" -- by Haendel

They are just small parts but in the whole they make a whole one hour of delightful music!
So, I do know what I'll be listening to in the time being.....