December 10th, 2000

Hard, but done....

It was hard but it is done.

I've recovered, if not all, at least most of my ICQ database. But I had to go for an installation of ICQ 2000b, anyway.
The question is that from version to version, the ICQ databases have changed their format to account for greater functionality.
But not only I could recover it (almost all, if not all, really), I was also able to include all th eUINs I've registered throughout time, for different places, and transfer the ICQ database from my laptop to this one.

So I can say I'm quite happy!
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Copying files....

Still copying files from my laptop....
I do want to be sure I'm not going to miss any one of them...

You know, if I miss a file, I'm pretty sure that will be an important one!

Well, I'll take the time it still takes to do some ordering and cleaning around here.... With a whole week all days out, there is a lot to be placed in their proper places!

Se you latter!
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(no subject)

Not yet at installation but making preparations for it.

Anyway, while doing that, I've been putting a lot of stuff in their places....
It's pretty amazing how things get disordered when we pass sometime doing all in a hurry without time to put them all beck into their places immediately!.....
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Mandrake installation...

The Mandrake installation is going on.

It does take it's time, though..... I've selected a full install, for development, and thus this computer will remain the development computer that I can carry anywhere I go.
I'll upgrade the Windows installation on the 540 MB auxiliary disk to Windows 98 and use DriveSpace 3 to increase it to about 1 GB. That should be enough for usual use of Windows 98 with common tools...

So, whenever I use Linux or Windows it will be a question of choosing which disk will be installed on the computer.

This is not a perfect solution but can be used for the moment and allows me to use the hardware I do have right now.

Most of the software development I do have to do will have to be done under Linux (with GForth for Linux and using the Apach Webserver directlly, so I can test CGIs and other stuff) so the only "drawback" is that I won't have PFE as the editor.... But I can survive to that anyway.

Another think that was anticipated is that there is a 98 MBytes partition to be used as the target disk for the development of the Mex4thOS.
Under Linux I can access the raw disk (without any file system) and that's the way it is going to be used.
Mex4thOS might develop it's own disk format but in a great extent, the disk is just 2 different types of area; one for text storage (source, probabilly) and another for binary data, controlled in blocks.

Well, installation is about in it's half so until midnight I should have the computer installed and configured (at leas on the most important parameters).....
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