November 27th, 2000

Sarah Brightman

Listening to Chanson D'enfance by Sarah Brightman...
I didn't know the song but its really lovely.
And with a voice like Sarah's, then it's hard to imagine anything better!
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Am I already so old?!......

Listing to YMCA by the Village People (do you remember?) and remembering things from about 15 to 20 years ago!.....

How time flies!

La Traviartta!

Listening Di Provenza il mar from Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviatta!

That's actually one of the operas I do like more and I know best although I've never saw it. I only know the music and the lyrics....
In fact, the solely opera I did see on a theater was Madam Butterfly by Puccini.....
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Listening to Popcorn!

Listening to Popcorn, can you believe it?

I mean it!
I', listening to the Popcorn station at SonicNet..... So I'm listening to soundtracks, mainly.

Right now, I'm listening to Beauty and the Beast by Celine Dion....


That's what it's needed some times!

How I wish there would be Ghostbusters for a certain kind of ghosts that appear inside computers, sometimes!......

In a short while, I'm going to fight against one again....
In a computer, is it has Windows 98 or Linux, it is stable. But with Windows NT 4 it just blows randomly! And guess which OS he is suppose to have?...... NT 4!

If I just knew the number of the Computer Ghostbusters, I'd certainly give them a call!....
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Almost out.....
I delivered the first computer; still have to fight against the other.... :-((

And I'm about to leave again as I have a meeting.

See you all latter!