November 22nd, 2000


I was surprised that I received today a phone call in response to the email I sent yesterday..... But, I must admit it, I was gladly surprised!
I don't know what will come from it but, for once in these last times, something else is already happening that doesn't depend exclusively on me!

As soon I know more, I'll let you know.
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Part II

But, on the other hand, the letter I sent yesterday didn't provoke any kind of response....
And I'm sure that they received it today as it was sent as proritary mail and sent from a Post Office Station in Lisbon to Lisbon.....

Or the person it is directed to wasn't there today or I do not understand their urgency into finding some one with the right qualifications.....
Even being modest, I'm sure that I do qualify for it!
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    surprised (part II)


I've arrived to Portalegre.
I was sleeping all the journey and I think that it was all done under rain.
In fact, since I discovered the Meteosat 7 image link on the Internet, it has been quite valuable to be able to know with some antecedence which weather there will be....
Well, I must start working, I'll post latter again, if I can...

See you all then