November 13th, 2000

What the heck?!?::::

I don't know why but this night I woke-up at 4h30!
The question is that I went to sleep at 1h00 so it just makes 3h30m of sleep which, for me, is TOO SHORT!
And the weirdest thing is that I do remember to be dreaming and then, I was wide awake and I couldn't sleep afterwards!
So, by 7h30 I got up and came here to start working.

Any way, it must be a slow start as I'm aware I'm not totally recovered.
My blood pressure seems to be normal but I get tired to easily, though.....
I'll have to go to the doctor and ask for a few tests to try to understand what's going on.....

Well, lets just admit, for now, that was my body just asking for a small break!... :-)))


Nothing like listening to the sound of bagpipes to make some one full of life and energy!
How I do love this sound!

Is it because of this I like Irish music so much?
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Half power....

Definitely there is something that is not like it should.
Whatever I do I get to much tired and to quickly.... It's almost like I was running on half power....

I just hope that the exams can give an idea of the reason of this.
But the blood pressure seems to be back to normal, though....
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