October 21st, 2000

Tekram DC390U2W driver: 1; Me: 0.....

Tekram DC390U2W driver: 1; Me: 0.....

Totally defeated by a Tekram SCSI DC390U2W driver for NT4.
I've tried everything, even to replace the firmware on the FlashROM on the SCSI controller!
If I transfer a little amount of files, all goes well.
But, if I transfer a lot of files suddenly, the NT4 just blows into a BSOD and I only have as remedy to reboot it!....

And I already went to Tekram's site in the Internet an brought the last version.....
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I think I know already the cause....

I think I know already the cause of my last NT 4 headaches.

I has been almost proven beyond any reasonble doubt that the cause for the crashes it's not the Tekram SCSI controler nor it's drives.
Yesterday I had here a DC390U2W (which has a NCR SCSI controller chip) and now I have a DC390U3W (which has a LSI 53C1110 SCSI controler chip and the SYMBIOS SCSI BIOS) which make for to much different elements to have them causing the same error (random crashes whem moving a lot of files).

So I wen't for taking out 384 MBytes of RAM (down from 512 MBytes to just 128 MBytes) and slowed down the whole system;
FrontSideBus at 103MHz instead of 133MHz (which lowered the processor speed from 933 MHz to 721 MHz), disable all "advanced features" that could be making the crashes (they are just "shots in the dark" as so far I could come up yet with a reason for the crashes), etc.

And the system (so far) is stable.

So I'm going to finish the instalathion and then start enabling "advanced features" and speeding up the whole system to see how far it remains stable.
I hope that this way I can figure out the reason for all this trouble...

See you all later!

NT4:1 ; Me: 2

Ok, for the moment I have an advantage.
I'm ahead on the score!

So far I've gone up to 981 MHz (processor) / 140 MHz (Front Side Bus) / 35 MHz (PCI Bus) and with one 128 MByte DIMM the system is pretty stable.
I've put all 4 and at the end of the test (moving about 650 MBytes of files from one partition to another partition on the same disk and then deleting them) the system blew into a BSOD.
I've taken 2 of the DIMS (so I stayed with only 2 of them -- 256 MBytes of RAM) and apparently the system remained stable (even at 981 MHz / 140 MHz / 35 MHz)....

I'll need to rune more tests to see how far can I go but so far it is installed and working.
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