October 19th, 2000

The missing post!

The missing post!

I'm ALMOST crazy with installations that have own will and don't run as expected, I might be tired of to much work, but I'm not totally crazy!... (at least not yet!)

I was sure I did everything right when I posted this from the WEB! But I couldn't find it at my LJ....
So, here it is.
Apparently something happened and it ended up in the Friends LJ and not in mine....

Well, there are things worse than this one.
And I do know for sure that I'm nor crazy.... (yet!)

Still around NT4....
Here I am at GG, waiting for a big disk (62 GB) to be formatted with NTFS, waiting for another one (on other computer) with 20 GB to finish the NDD checking, and about to move another 80 GB disk from one computer (where it was NTFS formatted) to the computer where it is going to stay...

While this, don't think I am alone; I have the pleasant company of 3 other computers from which 2 of them are quite busy processing and moving files from one to the other and the third is taking a little nap....

I hope I'll be able to finish this soon so I can go home and continue working on other things!

But the waiting time has been useful, anyway; while waiting I've been advancing on definitions for the Mex4th system!
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Thanks, Betty!

I've just received the CD and started listening to it.
To my surprise I know the 1st music for a long time (I haven't listened to it often, though....) but never knew from whom it was.
So now I do know!

I have to go out, so I can't listen to it all now, but when I'm back I'll listen to it!

Again, thanks!
If you are able to be always on target like you were on this one, oh god, you are a very, very lucky person!

See you!
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