October 12th, 2000

Tired and with a headache....

I'm tired and I've had a headache all day through.....

I think that this is due to the cold I've got. I just hope that it will get better, not worst, with all the things I do have to do here!
Well, tomorrow, I'll see how's everything going....

Tonight I received a phone call and a proposition. I wasn't expecting it so soon but I'm glad it was made.
I do have a number of things to consider and the fact that it was made now can explain a number of things.
Anyway, nothing like to sleep over some subject to be able to see it in the best light.
I do agree that NT and ASPs are the way for EV to go; there are risks involved but in the overall, any other solution for RAD is to much expensive.....
Let's see what comes from there.

Now, I'm off to sleep a little and I just hope that tomorrow I can feel a little better than what I felt today!

See you all tomorrow!
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A new day.....

Today I feel quite better.
Nothing like a good night of sleep to make us rest and regain energy.

So, now it's time to make a little break, take a coffee, and continue working then after!

See you all in a while....
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