October 3rd, 2000

Bijou Noire...

I have Bijou Noire at my lap, giving her kisses to my hand although Blackie Baghera is sleeping (I think) and Vickie is playing I don't know where.....

Oh! Here he is!

I miss Pati though. I really miss her and what I regret most is that I couldn't even start to make what I promised her.
It has been gaining form inside my head but I couldn't yet put it outside.

I know that where she is she is well now. At least, she doesn't suffer more.
Damn, illness is really a damn thing, especially when are those that are just impossible to cure.

Well, life goes on and I always knew that I would outlive her.
I did all I could in those 11 years and I'll never forget her memory.

Now I have these 3 little ones to take care of, together with Captain Nemo (the gold fish that is in it's world there in the corridor....)

And back to work, again....

One thing I've just remembered....

When I arrived here, I had an email from one of my partners at E.V. saying that I didn't had sent yet the data for the 2nd counter that he asked for a site that was done for one client.

The first counter was setup in 15/0972000 and on that time I made a page to consult the value of the counter (it is invisible on the page where it is placed) and I was SURE that I'd sent him the URL (I did confirmed that I did send him the URL!).
An the new one I said that was on the same page.

So, by saying what he said, he has just said to everyone that he didn't even bothered to go and see the page I gave him to view the value of the counter....
I know now that another page was setup (within the site), for administration purposes but how could I know that the counter was to be there if NO ONE ever told me that?

That's what is the most funny.
It is not neither the first nor the second time that he complains that I didn't do something just because he didn't even bothered to go and see it in first place.....

Funny, isn't it?

But of course, that's probably may fault, also!
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Going to write the word:

get_nr_of_users ( -- n )

This word will just return on the Data Stack the number of users currently existing on the system.
It will have to se the file 'users.dat' in the 'App-data/users' directory......


Going to write now the word:

get_user_name ( user# -- c-addr count )

This word just receives the user number (the position in the 'users.dat' file) and returns the string with the users name.
This name is subsequentially used to retrive the users data, stored in the system.

Bijou Noire is training for the next Olympics....

The way she is running on the corridor, from one side to he other, that must be the solely possible explanation!

I have yet to discover why, if I'm awake, she and the cats chose about 3 o'clock in the morning to start these runs......

She chases after the cats and they chase after her.....
Well, there is so much I yet have to understand.....
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Power failure, again....

There was another power failure, here, and I had to bring all servers down.

Unfortunately, these power failures are becoming quite frequent.... :-(((
I've been already seeing how much it would cost me to get a bigger set of batteries for the UPS I have here (about 100 Ah of capacity is my plan, instead of the 7,5 to 10 Ah I have right now -- but it must be 6 batteries for the 72 volts the UPS uses....) and get a diesel generator so it could be started automatically and run providing the necessary power in case of an outside power failure.

But the cost is between $2500 and $3000 which, by no way, I can afford right now....

Let's see what comes from the event's that are running along thins month....

Now I'm to write a report about the failure to send to all the persons who might be concerned...

See you all later!
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All lost.

All the work I had already done on the get_user_name word has been lost with the power failure.
Unfortunately it obvious I hadn't saved it so now, lets start from the start..... :-((((((

Reminder to self: Do save the work as you are doing it!

Joanie Madden

Listening to "Mary Hynes (Liam Clancy)", by Joanie Madden, at spinner.com.
It's really beautiful and inspiring....

I have yet to discover what in this kind of music touches me so deep that sometimes I just cant hold on the tears....
But is't not by being sad or anything. No.
It just touches something really deep that make it totally impossible to be just listening and not living it!

Give Us Room to Roar!

"Gives us Room to Roar" by Ruth MacKenzie at spinner....

Sometimes that's just what is needed to get rid of all the tension one gets accumulated all the day through!....
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