September 24th, 2000

It's good to see things working....

Yes, it's good to see things working!

It took a long time to see the first visible elements of this application, but now I have already a "skeleton" for the navigational part and I can already access some of the core functions....

I have still a long way to go, so I'll revert to programming mode....
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Ok, new item ready, now.

Now I have the user information in each session structure and it is correctly transferred when I call the transfer_session word.

So, next step, is to present the conditional forms correctly as the user is a Mail Administrator or not! :-))))
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Good inspiration!

Listening to "Night Ride Across the Caucasus" by Loreena McKennit in

Really, nothing like good music to inspire a good work!

Going out for some morning shopping that are necessary (here shops and malls close in the Sunday afternoon) and then, back here to continue the application!


After this application is finished (at least, the first version -- it will always be being improved somehow, I guess....) I' going to move on into 2 others (with or without E.V.)

In any of them there is the need to validate users and make transactions (specially on the e-store), so the session code I've just developed, will be highly useful, I guess....

That is exactly what I've been talking for so long... Whatever code one develop, to try to develop it to be a LEGO piece..... So that it can be used elsewhere!

Well, back into programming mode....

Castle of Dromore....

I'm listening to 'Castle of Dromore' by Kate Powers on

Really, I don't know where it is but I'm sure I would like to see it, if I could, somehow.....

And the music, although making me think on a lullaby, really sings to the heart! (to mine, at least....)
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Scotland the Brave!

Listening to 'Scotland the Brave' by Steve McDonald on

I've known this music for so, so long and never knew it's name!.....
I love it!
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Ok, now I can already get any session's data....


This will enable me to get the information if the current user is a Mail Administrator or not as the previous menu (when turning back) will be different in either case....

And I have already guaranteed that even when I use the transfer_session word, all session data is retained
So, as long as the user never waits more than the session-time-to-live (15 minuets, presently) he/she can be working indefinitely.

If the session-time-to live is exceded without any interaction, the session ID and it's data are deleted and the next time the user tries to do anything, receives a INVALID SESSION error or any more "friendly" page, saying that his session has expired and leading it to the initial page.

Yes, this is working as expected and needed!

I'm going to eat something (so, I'm going into "eating mode" :-))) ) and then back to programming!....
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