September 16th, 2000

Take her in your arms...

Take her in your arms and tell her that you love her
Take her in your arms and hold that woman tight
Take her in your arms and tell her that you love her
If you going to love a woman than be sure to do it right!

That's what this song says.....

Take Her in Your Arms, by Andy Stewart...
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Finally, Microsoft might have done it right!....

I've working on with Windows NT 2000 and I know I have on disk failing.
The same one that failed with errors some months ago.
So I've left it on the computer but knowing that is a disk I can't thrust. If it fails, it fails. All data there are just temporary.

And since this morning, I've been aware that the disk is making a lot of "funny" noises....
But I'm not going to stop working and make a reboot just because of that.

So, to my surprise, Windows a little back just showed a message saying it stop responding and that might have been disconnected, and went on working!
I think it is still trying to access the disk but the important is that the fact that a disk that has not anything fundamental for the OS should not bring a OS down by failing!

And it seems that Windows 2000 finally work this way!

Ok, so far, 5 stars!
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Ok, the code to create and give time to live to a session is made and debugged.

I've opted for a fixed time-to-live for each session and it's session ID.
In this 1st experiments, Ill give it 15 minutes.
So, for each action, one will have 15 minutes which seems to me more than enough.

When the Session ID is created, it-s also runed in the background a task which will sleep for the time specified (in seconds -- I give it 900 for 900 seconds, which is 15 minutes) and after that time is up, the command will delete the session by removing it's data directory and removing it's elements from the "active sessions" data file.
So, the session ends and if any browser with a form from that session responds AFTER the session has ended, it will receive an error screen and will be sent to the login CGI.

To reset the time of the session while some one keeps interacting with the application, I've found a simple solution.... On each form, a new session ID is created. the old one was already marked to die and will eventually die when it's time is up.

This way I can carry a session with any number of browsers concurrently and not depend on cookies which might be or not be enabled in the client's browser.....

This is one of the most important "building blocks" for any thing that ,might require identification and has to conduct "transaction" of any kind....

Ok, after the explanation, back again to programming mode!
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Ok, a little improvement....

I've maded a little change in the code to delete a session, so that if the data didn't already exist, it wouldn't complain with an error.

So, now, when I recreate a session, I'll explicitelly delete it rigt away and won't be waiting for it eventually die.
I won't cancel the timed delete order given when it was created, anyway..... That one will be carryied out but has the session has already been deleted, it will do it's stuff and won't delete anything (it was already deleted) nor will complain, either!
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