September 15th, 2000

Going to rest...

It's 02:33 and I'm going to rest for a while....

I have a lot of programming to do but I might go now to rest for a few hours and start fresh in the morning....
I have to pick up from the words I defined today and finish the login part, so I can pass to the Admin forms.....

See you all tomorrow (today!...)...
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Alive and.... programming!

Alive and.... programming!

Next point: to make the necessary changes on the words to get the user configuration data (Anonymous and regular user)

And I've already started with putting something online.
Its a site done by E. V. and as it was finished, had to be online today.
That is completed now, so I'll revert to programming mode....
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Old PC games

Looking for and downloading old PC games to install on a PC for some one else play with...

Does anyone know where I can get a version of PacMan for the PC (even an old one, for old 'lain DOS...)?

It was a hard's day fight!....

This is not a Beetle's song title!

I've taken almost all day to get this piece of code working the way I need it to work, but it's finally ready and debugged!.

So, now, I can get the configuration files I need and get their values inside the program.

Although I finished yesterday the defining words, it gave me a hard work to make the words that use those I finished yesterday work properly as it really has to shuffle with the vocabularies.

You see, to avoid possible name clashes, I keep each data set in a separated vocabulary that I can insert into the current search order whenever necessary.
And as the words have all the same name ( name_alias for instance will give the name alias of any user -- the user is selected by selecting the vocabulary I have on the context search order ), this is quite important.

So this piece of code is ready and now I'm going back to the going CGI and I'm pretty confident that it will be easy to put it working properly as the error it had was due to the fact that these words were not working as they were supposed to....

So, back to programming mode!
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Starting up VMWare...

Finally I rebooted the computer.

Shut everything down, powered it off and then started it again.
While I write this, I'm still waiting for VMWare so startup the Linux session that makes me having 2 computers in one at the same time!.... :-)))

In fact that allows a greater productivity as I can switch to Linux / Windows as necessary to perform the actions I need!

Well, probably it will have started already, so I'm going back into programming mode!.... :-))))
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Like expected!

I have already login!

After a hard fight and 2 days spent in debugging, I have it working finally!

Back to programming....