September 14th, 2000

Up again!

Up again and ready to continue programming in a short while.

Really, this night's sleep gave me some new ideas about how to outcome the problem I've been facing.
Really, this question of reading and having the user's data or any other is vital.
The method seems to be good (it's easy to hand edit, if necessary and is quite clear -- like .ini files) but there is something missing as the variables came out without any value inside...

Is it a question of a side effect from the vocabularies? Or by being defining at run time a new vocabulary?
I don't know but I'll have to find it out really fast.

See you in a while.
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On idea....

When I create a string: variable, it really a placeholder to hold the string's address and char count.

So, in the defining word mail-alias: (for instance) I'll have to evaluate the following word and allocate space to store it and then to store it's length and it's char count on the mail-alias string....
And, if I'm compiling, I'll have to compile the words to make exactly the same when they are executed.

I've been thinking on the reason why the present implementation of this idea is nor working properly (I've already proved to me that it isn't!) and I have an idea where the failure is.....
I think that it is in the intermediate allocation of the value I get. I'm using it from the transient space where it is putted and not allocating it to a permanent space to it.

So I'm going to test the validity of this theory and see if I'm right or not!

I'll report the results latter.
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Dazzling Thunderstorm

Relax and reflect, as the music and sounds of Nature's Magic take you through a dazzling thunderstorm.
This is a time when, from the warmth and safety of your cozy home, you hear the rumble and roll of summer thunder like a symphonic overture.
The heavens are charged with excitement as the lightning radiates its glow throughout the sky, creating a beautiful purple haze. The constant pitter-patter of the rain, like a metronome, conjures a relaxing hypnotic mood as the gentle summer droplets run down the window pane. This is a time to drift, to relax, to feel comfortable and warm, during a Dazzling Thunderstorm.

Still programming........
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Ok, I know now why it doesn't work!...

Ok, I know now why it doesn't work!

I've only defined execution semantics for the word and the necessary compilation semantics is neither the default one (has the word has a parameter following it) nor have I defined one specific to it.

So, now, I have 2 options.

Or I see how to define the right compilation semantics (and I hope it wont take to long) or if it does, I'll just put the necessary code inline where it is necessary instead of calling a word, which will have been define before, thus needing it's compilation semantics, and leave this "research" work for latter.

Ok, back to programming mode.....
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I think I'm making some progressed in these words....

They will be interesting, though....

They have both execution and compilation semantics and define the string if it doesn't exist already in the context vocabulary.

I'm still getting reed of a few little bugs, though...

But the next step (on this) -- although not necessarily done immediately -- is to define a word to define this types of words! Yay"
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Execution semantics work properly!

Going to test compilation semantics.....
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It works also!

The compilation semantics work properly, also!


Now, going to make the changes where these words are needed and see, after that is done, if everything already works as it is supposed to!

Into programing mode......
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Finally I have these set of words working like what I need.

So it is as follows:

In the configuration file I write something like this....

mail_alias: antonio.jose
login: xptoxpto
pasword: 12345678


and when I include the file where this is defined, I end up with string variables like this:

mail_alias which will have antonio.jose
login which will have xptoxpto
password which will have 12345678


Yes! That's the way!
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That's a OS!

I thought I would have to reboot this server because I thought I had some "lost" space in some partitions but I was wrong.
It's already fixed (I just thought on directory has on a partition but it was, in fact, a symlink pointing to another partition.....), so I'll be able to left WebCam32 working
(it does generate a "long" log file... one line every image uploaded -- that's about one line every 3 seconds!.....)

I'm going out for a while, I'll be back here latter to keep with the programming....

See you all then!
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