September 11th, 2000

The end of anything, is always the beginning of something....

I've lost this match.

I can no longer keep the king from being taken by the white queen.

I don't really know if it will make someone truly happen but, I'm sure, it will make that someone "relieved" as it ended up "it's way".
I took the challenge (along with all that appeared after -- all the fires, that is) and wasn't able to do it on time.
So I'll step down.

When we fight for something, one otf the things I think is very important is to go till the end. But that is not always possible.

I'm tired. Really tired from some events and some attitudes.
Most probably it's "may fault" (as most often stated) as I've always tried to take it as a whole and not just do it but to do it well.

I guess that from this day onwards, there are some questions to be solved and I would like to have them solved as soon as possible as I'm going forward, even if alone.
I've proved the technological point and know what I can and can not do.
I know it's strengths and it's weaknesses.
I'll work towards to maintain it's strengths and turn it's weak points into strengths also.

I've proved the point that the resource use can be kept quite low. I've already build quite a number of Lego blocks that are quite fundamental.
I know the system in and out and it can be ported anyware.
It has also the potential to be extended to Windows technologies or any other kind of unixlike OSs (or anyother OSs for that matter!....)

So, I guess, it's time to go in another direction and apply this knowledge and technologies in other fields and projects that have been waiting, really.

I guess that someone has already all planned out. So, it's that someone's move. I'll make my move after.

After all, that person has been playing with the white set....
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