September 10th, 2000

Damn! I won!

It was a fight but I manage a way to get the CGI execute a command as root without having to open the CGI permissions wide open!

(I couldn't even do that as suexec wouldn't let it run, anyway!)

So I've just created a user with the CGI.
Now I have to finish it to create users and create his brother to delete them!

Back to work!
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This is not the name of he Russian capsule for cargo transportation into space....

This is related to this work I've been doing.
I have already the login part almost done, and I'm now around the logging attempts, the establishment of sessions (after a successful login), the logging of all accesses (with error or without), etc.

This is, in reality, one of the greatest parts of all that is to be done now; Almost everything else depends on the establishment of a valid session and the initialization of the session parameters....

Ok, back to work!
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