September 8th, 2000

LBB goes!

Ok, I'm awake and working again.
And finally debugged 2 minor bugs in the code I wrote yesterday.

I'm going out, to the office; I want to acted preemptively and go there see if everything is working all right so I won't be caught "by surprise" during the day.....

All day I have to be here working on this.

See you all latter!

Yes, LBB really helps!

Instead of having the same definitions all over the code, I have them in a centralized place, easy to edit and alter, and totally separated from the core logic.

The hardest part is just to identify which divisions should be done and how to factor it.

By the way.... Factor? Isn't that all about good Forth code? To factor? To divide into pieces and implement the smaller ones and with those build the next ones, and so on?

It's really funny I'm doing all this in Forth...
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Tubular Bells III

Listening to Tubular Bells III, from Mike Oldfield, while programming....

It sound really good!

(And, by the way, while I sing along with it!.........)
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WebCam stuck

My parallel WebCam II (for the parallel port) has just stop responding and I can only reset it by powering the computer off, what I don't wasn't to do now, as I'm here working.

So I've just plugged in another WebCam II (USB) and now I'm downloading it's driver for Windows NT 2000....
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