September 7th, 2000

Working, again...

Awake and working again!....

This is going to be a long hard working day as I couldn't catch up with it this night as I was so tired....
Well, see you all later!
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Going into "work gear".... (I hope!)

Not that I haven't worked all day....
But being a fireman today was not the worked planned nor needed.

But, I guess, this is like riding in rollercoster.... The adrenaline can help (if it doesn't get to high...)

Well, let's see how many rabbits I can pull out from my hat.... :-)))

Invention day!

I've found a name for my "building block" mechanism...

I'm calling them:

Lego Building Blocks (or LBB, for short.....) :-)))

The idea is quite similar to Brad's BML although I'm making it with my 4th-HTML.
So, I have a directory in the site, with a global initialization file that will be called at the beginning of a CGI and whenever it is called, it will define a word or more with a common element of HTML.
Can receive parameters although only through the data stack, right now. It will improve with time (hey! this is just version 0.001 !....)

This will enable to centralize common blocks and definitions and not having them all scattered throughout the code itself....

Well, back to work!
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