September 6th, 2000

Parallel on holidays?

It seams that or I have a bad connection or have something that I haven't discovered yet because the scanner (connected to the parallel port) doesn't work and the printer I've just connected thought it neither.....

And, of course, I needed to print something.... :-))))))
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No! The power was in failure!

The problem as as simple as this....

The power transformer was indeed plugged in the power outlet socket but wasn't making a good contact so.... there was no power on the scanner.

The reason why I didn't noticed it before is as it was connected into the outlet socket, I always assumed it was in fact connected and with power... And as it is difficult to reach to the cables (they are behind the desk and the shelves, near the wall) I never went there with multimeter (like I did today) to really verify if there was power or not.

And as the printer passes through the scanner, there was no printer either!

Well, its solved and the document I need already printed.

So I must go, now.
See you all latter!


Listening to one of the most known pieces of Smetana, which I do like very much!
I think it has to do with the Danubio (sorry, I don't know it's name in English!) river (inspired by it, if my memory recalls me rightly) but, any way, that is what the music does make me remember of; a river, a mighty river going on it's way till the ocean and leaving on it's passage, life and beauty!
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I had to stop VMWare here, this afternoon (which gives me 2 computers on one hardware! HeHeHe!..... One Linux computer inside Windows NT 2000....) to release the diskette drive (had been "grabbed" by the Linux computer (under VMWare).
Then after I stomped also the WebCam32 (to use the scanner and printer) and started VMWare before starting WebCam32 again......

So, when I started the WebCam32 suddenly occurs to me that the Windows NT 2000 could give a "blue screen of death (BSOD is the official name by which they are known inside Microsoft, also!... LOL ) but nothing happens....

Ok, I'm free! (at least for the moment)....

But a little ago, when switching cameras again (to regain access to the parallel port to use the scanner), PUFF! A "beautiful" BSOD!

But I was caught unguarded as I could have closed some programs and ended the VMWare session before....

Ok, we are always learning.

As soon as possible, I should pass to the USB version of my scanner (which didn't existed yet when I bought this last year) and pass to the USB version of the cameras....

But it will wait a little longer as I know from own experience that changes in a computer configuration SHOULD NEVER be done when there are works being done.....
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Still recovering from the BSOD!.....

Well, my main email file is already quite large and every time Calypso crashes, it will go through all it's folders and checks for everything and then starts making a new file.

I know that I should send some email to backup and start again with a new one (but with all the folders and filters, just empty) but with all the work it means I never did it.
So I must plan it for as soon as possible as from this point on, it will only grow and grow.... :-)))))

Well, as soon as it ends I'm going out to have dinner with my wife and son as this night will be a "hard night's work" to be able to catch up with the time I've had to spend during the day in order to solve some urgent problems requesting my intervention.... :-))

Well, that's life! (work's life, I mean!...)
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