August 18th, 2000

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I just had a power failure here in the neighborhood this night and my first reaction was to shutdown all the servers before the UPS would run out.
It's a 1000 VA UPS but it has connected right now a number of servers so the autonomy is just a few minuets with all them connected and working (of course, monitors are out except the one that can be commuted for each server).

Then after, I pickup the dossier where I have the light company invoices and I'm about to call to them to ask if they already know about the power brake down and if they know how much time is it going to last, and someone calls me from the office (yes, some people were working there even at after 22h00 as there was work to be finished today....) and instead of asking what did happened with the servers as (IMHO) should have done, just starts almost yelling at me that another time couldn't reach the servers.

Now, maybe it's really my fault but I don't like to be yelled at, especially when I'm in the middle of a crisis trying to determine damage and trying to know more information and data about it....
So I've just spoke back at the same tone. That's something that with me is totally automatic and it's very, very difficult for me to do otherwise.

I know the "steam" has to come out, I understand these person's position and concerns which are also mine, even he/she doesn't realize that.

And that is a source of problems that can endanger the whole enterprise.

I just hope that we can somehow reach a middle ground because we all have our temper (I surely have mine as he/she have his/hers...) but if he/she is not to try any modifications if behavior, am I just expected to do it unilaterally?

Normally, when things are just done from one side, they just don't work.</>
It always takes two for a tango!

Of course that someone has to start and I might just be the first one as I've tried already more than once. But I must be followed, after then!

If not, what's the point?

Truly, I become SO, SO MAD, at those times that i have to really, really hold myself really hard to just not explode.

But, I believe I can just yell at the computers as (as far as I know off) they just don't listen.....

It's necessary to public recognize what is really made....

It's necessary to public recognize what is really made....

Yesterday, after the power failure, we were both to agitated, I guess...

I've just received a phone call with a request for an apologies for the yesterday's event and so did I, the same way.

I know that some time it's quite hard to maintain calm when something is happening and we are struggling to fix it or we are under fire from somewhere else that also doesn't understand nor wants to understand the reasons WHY it happened....

But I believe that the most important fact is not for anyone of us to loose it's temper but to be able to recognize that any one can be wrong at any time and give the due apologies....
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I'm going out from here for a few hours but the cam must be off as the WebCam32 software is better not to be left running while burning a CD.

See you all latter...
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