August 5th, 2000

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Wake and had alreay done some of my daily reading...

Yesterday I was flatelly defeated by a EISA server.....
Now I know why that architecture didn't caught-up...... Win PCI being also a 32 bit bus, who the hell cares for EISA?!
It's setup is more complex than the PIC's, normally is necessarya external setup program (on a diskete, for instance), etc....

So I ended up using a computer that was not beeing used to make a fresh instalation over a 10 GB disk.
That's done.
I also have a fresh backup of ALL the files in the old server, and now I just have to merge both. That's quite a lot of work but I can do it here, on the weekend.

I would like to be awake earlier today buit I guess I'm to tired to do that. So I know already that the day won't be verymuch productive in terms of work but I'll try to manage it (as I always end up doing, right?...).

Lets see what I can come up with until monday!

(no subject)

Listening to "Gilies" by Wolfstone

That's one group I would recognize heven if I hadn't heard the music before! The sound is do much... Wolfstone!

Damn, I just love to hear the sound of fiddle and bag pipes!