August 1st, 2000

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Listening to "Heven's Open" by Mike Oldfield

Dealing with a damn situation from a NT server.

All was working. IIS and all. I've just added a new IP address (to be reached from the Internet) and now IIS doesn't start!
Damn me if I understan why!

But i already know that I'm not alone to have found this error. I've just spoke with some one who is fighting the same error. But would like to find another solution from the one he is taking, after being unable to resolve it.... Re install Windows 2000 and ALL applications from scratch!

Lets see if I can understand why this happened so I can solve and fix it!

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Round 1: Me 0, Computer 1.

I couldn't put IIS back into working as I can't figureout the problem..
I've been all night working on this and I must quit now, and take the co~mputer back to the office so some one can continue with this fight today as I'll be out town for all day! :-((((
I hope they have more luck that what I had.
But i''l be back to this, latter.
I only don't have the time right now...

But I'm, unfortunelly, afraid that it will imply a complete OS and application's instalataion, though.... :-(((((((((((

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Finally I won!

Round 2: Me 2, Computer 0:

So the winner is...... Me!!! (by 2 to 1)!....

Who the hell did he thought he would go?
Compleete re-install or ground-up install from scratch!

IIS running; MS SQL running; Application compiled; Web site running and working!

So I just have to go to the office and bring the server to here and connect it to the Internet.
I'll do it this night.

Now, I'm going to rest for a while....