July 29th, 2000

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Even having to comment a number of option by request, the edition of the site for the client to produce the Statistics Report is done and working!


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There is something I must confess I have some dificulty to understand completelly....

So many young and not so young people "complain" (at least they say it -- I can't know, of course, their deep motivations, if any in particular) about how bored they are, and some do it lot's of time.

I think that bored is when some one doesn't know what to do or what to do that might find interesting and intelectually (and not only) stimulating....
And as I assume that basiclly they are beeing honest in their posts (although, most probably their post do not reflect ALL their lives, as normal)( this leads to a somewhat dread vision.

Are their lives so craved into routines, so different from their inner expectations and desires, that they feel it mostelly as "something that has to be done and don't like it" or "I don't know really what to do... I've done all and want something different but I don't know what..."?

And which are the consequences for some one to live a whole live in this kind of internal stress?

I can only speak for myself, of course, but I, on my own part, can't find time enough to do only a small amount of the things I would like to do, to learn a small amount of what I would like to learn and so on....

I still remember quite well when I was on the 10th/11th grade to hear some colegues from my class talk between them and say that they did'n knew what to do in the weekend and I remember to be thinking to myself "damnit, if you don't know what to do with your weekend, give me the time as I surelly can use it! Time won't allow me to do not even a small ammount of what I would like to do on the weekend!...."

Am I so diferent?
I think I'm just someone like any other. I don't have any special skill or capacity that others don't have either, I think....
But as time goes by, I've been finding that the way pelople are leaded just makes them more and more alianated from theirselves.

Of course that any generalization must be made most carefully as we are talking about people -- nor even 2 are alike!.
But I can't find outside me, in the society we, humans, have built, almost nothing that can appeal to some one and make him/her to try to go further, to give them objectives that when persued will make them grow (in an inner way) and make them a wiser and more mature human beeing....
I know that there are peolple through out the world that have been doing just this to the other ones orround them and, really, they are the fundations of the human growth (in an inner way, again). And that this has nothing to do with religion, basically.
But that is not the normal way, as far it can be precepted from some one just looking casually.

And, this way, it's not difficult to compreend the atraction that TV programs like Survivor, BigBrother and similar have...
But what no one really knows are the long term effects over each one, indevidually and coletivelly, of such programs as they are no more the individual peeking someone might enjoy to do to see how he/she is doing, by comparison with others, but something that, using that same emotional energy, is using a high power medium, doing somethinmg in a global scale that no one reaaly know which will be the results.

If one does not take the time to reflect, by him/herself upon the information that at every secon reaches his/hers mind, and just reflects it unconscienciouslly, what does come from there?

It's my belief that what comes from there is exactly what we have been seeing in our world!

Many people talk about the youngsters not having objectives....
I believe that is not exactlly that.
They do have objectives. They can't help having them as life itself is more powerfull.
The question is: What kind of objectives...

There are many different kind of objectives one can have. One of them is having random objectives that, in a long term, is like not having any objectives at all.

And if there are not objectives, how can one just keep on moving? Moving where to?

I really think that is better for any of us to establish goals, for ourselves, and fight for them if necessary. Probabilly, we won't reach that far but, at least, we travelled a little in our path... And that is always good, I believe.

But it hurts some times....

It might... Like in any physical activity, like any kind of sports, one might get hurt. Even beeing careful.
when we open ourselves to the outside, there is always a risk involved. But, damnit!, sure does worth to be taken!
The reward of beeing able to grow a little, is always valid! And, trully, the best reward I know of!

Our lives are what we do of them.
If we aim higher, somehow, we will ascennd and climb, a little that it might be, in time, and will be able to do more from there.
If we aim just at our level, gravity will naturelly pulls us down...
If we aim lower, nothing can avoid our fall. We will have to start it all over again.

But in this whole effort is one of life's purpouses... To be better, to go further, to be more capable of, in just a word, to grow and to evolve!