July 26th, 2000

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More work done.
It's going well although is a lot of typing and testing to be sure that all is working properly as expected!
But I'm also learning the strong and the week points of the language I've developed so it can be made better in a near future.

The most anoying thing is the diferences in behaviour between IE and Netscape Communicator, beeing the last the most picky one.
I can handle that quite easilly, though... Is just to see on entry which browser is requesting the page and generate slightly diferent versions of HTML for each!....

I'm not doing it right away, though. It will be left as an improvement. The main goal now is to finish the data input forms so I can give the site to the client and have it occupied playing with it while I improve it then!

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How does some one win in a no win situation?

In those that whatever you do you'll loose?

Or is one supose just to get away from those battles? Pretend they never were?

Or is it suppose to endure whatever it comes out of it?

The whole story of Pati's illnes has made me think a lot about all these subjects and much more.

Let's face it; I know I'm against a no solution issue. I can't cure her. Her illness will only get worse as the tumor will spread.
But I'm also fighting against the wound that she made on herself by licking at one of the tumors.... And that, I thought I could at least win; I also had some hopes encouraged by the fact that at a moment it seamed to be closing.
But I don't know it anymore and probabilly I'll loose in that also.

And that brings me to the issue point in all this issue and throughout these last times;

If I know what has to be done (and I do, I don't have any doubts that sooner or latter that will be unavoidable) why does it hurts so much just to think on that?
Why I don't feel confortable into putting her to sleep even KNOWING that will make things easier for her? Knowing that her astral body will be free to go over other newlly to born cat and this way let life's wheel complete another turn, for her?

Life hasn't decided it is time yet. She is bouded to remain here for a little more, until it's her hour....

Yes, I know all that but why, knowing it. it doesn't make me feel better? Or make it hurt less?

Damnit, she is not just a cat, a animal or like! She is a friend of mine! And it hurts the hell out of me to see her with her illness and not be able to cure her or do any thing about it!
Whenever I carry her and accidentally make some more pression on the tumor, she complains and I'm sure that is because it hurted her. And that hurts me, damnit!

It's not possible to make laws on these subjects. euthanasia, abortion, and with all things that touch and play with life it self MUST be always left (in last instance) to individual conscience as do influence Karma itself.
The laws of the Universe, Karma, Dharma and all others rule globally and make sense not on just an individual scale but on the Whole itself. Those can't be wrong as are the laws that make and rule the whole Universe itself.
But man made rules can be wrong as to oftenlly can't account for all possible cases and can't be at the SAME TIME sufficientelly SPECIFFIC and GENERIC so that can be right and fair to all cases!

So, although I think that all the effort to make some human rules on all these subjects that deal with life itself (and that there are a number of veri important and comendale points into traying to make some rulling on these), it all has to be take (as always) with some grains of salt, as the effect of one's actions can only be avaliated in their right context and knowing all past lives history, which is something that no one I know off has the capacity to have in the existence's realm where we are all right now and writting and reading this Live Journal's post, to start with....

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Like one of the elements from the A-Team used to say, I just love when a plan goes right!....

So do I.
I was not expectig that after finishing the CGI that produces the form for parameter selection for the CGI that makes the interface for the ANALOG program, it would work at first but it did!

Nothing that something like this to bright a day!