July 22nd, 2000

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It has been a very busy week!....
And right now I should keep working but I'm so tired that I really must go and rest a little before I fall asleep in front of the computer and under the camera's eye!

See you all latter!

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I didn't went to rest yet....
Wanted to try BML. I installed it but I don't have it running yet and I think it is a question of configuration on the Apache server. I have a Apache with suexec and although that is important for security reasons is really a TERRIBELLY headache!

But I manage to know how to use .htaccess files, already.
So the HTML files I'm building for the administrative site for each virtual server will be probabilly built in 4th-HTML.

And now, really; i'm going to have some rest.

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I'm listening to Orchestral Tubular Bells and probabilly will be listening to it while having some rest....

Tomorow, I have 2 more new CDs with Irish music to listen to!

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I've just red Mel's diary and it really made me think a little.

I know I need to rest a little but I'm also to much excited by the fact that I made what I wrote in 4th-HTML working at first that probabilly I'll work just a little more.

One thing though.... There is so much inside my mind relating to what I know I have to build and make and the fact is that I KNOW exectelly what has to be done and how, but things must be prioriterized in the time he have to do them.

Anyway, I wish others could have the possibility to see the possibilities that are beeing opened by what I've been building...
This administrative site will be one of the 1st real uses of what is already done.

Really, if I manage to make LEGO blocks, I really have it made!

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I really had to rest for a while.

But so far the work is going well.~
The challange now is to have the 5 files that make the four frame set all with 4th-HTML, which means that all 5 WILL be CGIs.
That opens wide prespectives for advanced features to be added there....
Other thing I want to see is the throughput of the whole set. If it is still fast, when I'm compiling every instance of the 4th-HTML for each CGI, then how fast will it be when 4th-HTML is ready and alreaddy compiled all the time? Or when the runtime is within an Apache module?

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Here goes nothing!
Now it's test time!

I'll see how many stupid errors I still have in the code I've just finished to write and sent to the WWW server for testing....

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I've just found one bug in the compilation semantics of the literal parameter hadler code.
I should be incrementing the parsing pointer to past over the > after the ) but I'm not.
I remember to have found this bug but certainlly I fixed only the run-time semantincs as that is working properlly now....

So, one more bug killed how many more to go?

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I had made a stupid error (as always! aren't errors always stupid?)

When I was compiling, I was compiling the run-time of the test word intead of executing it immediatelly!

Ok, it's fixed now.
So let's move on for the next test....

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Dreamweaver crashed.... SO I'm restarting it again.

I'm happy I'm already working under Windows 2000 (NT based). With Win 98 I'd be probabilly rebooting the computer :-)))