July 15th, 2000

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Listening to Amazing Grace performed by Nuno Guerreiro, that is a exceptional contra-tenor (which is trully rare!). An exceptional voice and a excceptional performer!

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Listening to 'Greensleves' also by Nuno Guereiro...

It's really funny to notice how powerfull music can be both making ambience and carrying our feelings like if in a ship they would be carryied throughout time and space....

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Downloading BeOS Personal Edition.
I want to give it a try and learn more about it.

It's one more OS to know and, who knows, it might prove itself suficientlly good to deserve here just one computer for it self....
Well, anyway, I'll inform about my own fidings as soon as I have them.

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The world is really what we all make it to be....

I must say I'm sad because some one had to bailed out from something that he obviouslly was enjoing to do just because some asshole(s) did their job.... Do shit!
It's not my way to use such strong words but in this case I think they are apropriated and necessary.

One think I've learned a long time ago is that in these cases the best thing to do is just to plainlly ignore them; eventually they will give up when they don't get any feedbak to their actions. But of course this is easier to say than to do, specially if what is on target are things that touch us trully deep inside.

It makes me remember, back on the days I spoke regularlly on the CB radio and latter on HAM radio when some jerk just started to talk over or just putting the carrier in the air without any talk at all (and for those who know a little of radio transmisson, know that in AM and in FM that can be quite devastating as most of the emiting power is on the carrier wave it self....) !
The sole remedy was to try to ignore them and keep with the conversation or try to go to another ferquency/channel and hope we/she wouldn't find us out to keep doing his/hers "busisness"....

Here this is some what similar.
And what makes me sad it to see that sometimes they just succed.

Thats to much a reward for them.
But when someone is under siege and under fire, is not easy to keep and go on and beat them.

Unfortunelly, the advantages on the moment are on their side, not in ours.
Most of the times the ones doing such actions doesn't have even enough courage to step out and throw away their anonimacy. Others do it but there is little that can be done in an immediate turn.

So this brings me to the point I wrote initially;

The world is really what we all make it to be....

Bee it in the real outside world or in the real inside world of cyberspace or wherever!
The worlds are made of real people and from their thoughts, feelings and actions. Their quality will decide in the end the quality of the worlds that are always being built.

I just hope that, although some times some jerks can gain some little and stupid victories, the final outcome will reflete a majority of those who really have some respect for others and, by such, some respect by themselves also as for as much they might do, they are and will always a part of the world they so workinglly try to alianate and turn into real shit!

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Just installed and tryed the BeOS 5 Personal Edition and it seams quite good.

One thing, though.... In a way it's quite similiar to unix, at least in a number of commands and in part of the structure of the file system that I could already see....

Funny, isn't it?
And some people are just saying unix is dead!
And with MacXOS also beeing unix based, that even makes things much more interesting.....
Even NT has some concepts that came from unix, via Digital....

Well, more postings abount OSs latter!
Have some computers to assemble and re-install.

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I have a motherboard just playing me arround!
Starts booting but at some point it just hangs....

So, if he thinks that he can take it over me, let it think so!....

I'm going out for a while but I know already what I'll do.... I'll pass the processor from it to the older motherboard and, that way, I think I'll have it working again in notime!

So, let it rest for a while as I'll be back!