July 9th, 2000

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Terriblly sleepy!

I should stay awake as I have a lot of things to do but I'm beeing called stronglly on the other side!... So I must lay down and go to the World of Dreams, at least for a while....

I just hope that while I'm there some of the questions I have in my mind, can be worked out and solutions found.

There is a lot of things I would like to write about but I am not in conditiond to do it right now.....

See you all tomorow and good sleep and dreams to you all!

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It happened....

I was waiting for Melanie to finish writting her diary but I was so, so tired that I just fall asleep in front of the computer and in view of the camera.

So you all kow how I sleep! :-)))) Well, sometimes..... :-)))

Many times I forget the camera.Only when I look to the preview windows I remember it.
But it's usefull, though, I think. It's a very good way to learn a lot about our selves.

Any way, again, sorry for haven fall asleep in front of the computer and the camera!

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I'm going to try to do as much as I can in the mornig.

This afternoon we all are going out so I won't be here. But since I woke up soon, I'm going to try to make the most of the time.

To start with, I'm going out to catch a little fresh air!

I'll be back in a while.