May 31st, 2000

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Unfortunelly, there was no birthday cake... :-((
I traded it for a dinner but unfortunelly taht couldn't also be done....
Nevertheless, I don't feel it has a loss.

I don't know if it is the music I've been listening to all day (Enya - Paint the Sky with Stars) or anything else, but I'm at peace with myself and quite confident from the future ahead.
There are yet to many details to be settled and known, but I just feel that I'll succeed in the end.

Anyway, the cake is dued and will be delivered!

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I've got to pass to Linux in order to make a change it it's starting sequence before I can be working with both under VMWare....

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It has just started!
I have now the task to change all my servers IP addresses (I have 2 IP address ranges and will have just a new one, bigger), reconfigure the network here, separate some servers that are in the same physical machine to be in diferent machines, alter the 3 DNS servers (one primary and 2 secondary) and all any other changes that come allong (including passing all internet traffic through a new machine that is going to be firewall, traffic accounter, etc) and all this whithout stopping anything....
Well, if I stop it must be so short that no one else outside will notice!

So, really, this is the big show for me, folks!

I'll keep you informed, though...

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And, yes!
I'm already working with a "Vidal Sassoon's" solution... I have both Windows 2000 and Linux running at the same time with VMWare (at the same machine, of course!).
The only down point is that I had to drop the Windows 98 for the moment and I don't have the CD-ROM drives working,..

But not for long you devils!