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Instaling a linux server right now..... A Mandrake 7.2, which will be the mirror of the development server I have at the office.

Today I've downloaded the source code for the LiveJournal and I'm going to try to install it here, in the inner network and play a little with it....

Another thing I would like to leave installed today but won't be possible to finish today is the whole setup of the virtual servers for the current working project.... Tomorrow or I will take the hard disk with me and transfer locally the configuration files, or will bake tar.gzs of them and transfer them with the laptop.... I don't know, yet.

But today I still have to write down some of the ideas I have for improvment of the work in the office, mainly in the documentation area.
It's quite fun to develop code and make thing work but the documentation process that is necessary must go along and it is quite time consuming.
But IT MUST BE DONE, mainly if there is not only one person working on the development but more than one...

Well, I must go and finish the replacements I've been doing to things here, at home, taking account Feng Shui instructions.
So, now I'm facing East / Southeast and, in the imediate time I ended up already gaining the view over the Tagus River!....

I have to go now, but will be back as soon as I can.
Anyway, a very good day to you all, here in LJ land!

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