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As time passes by......

The monitor I brought to here works perfectely when it is switched on but after some time working (when the compenents are hotter) looses it's focus and that makes it hard to read text on it.
So I'm going to use this time while my wife and son are taking a little nap to go and pick another one as I do need to install the linux server here.

For averything else, well I'm still into "adapting mode" having Vickie, Blackie and Bijou Noire here.....
There is still a number of things they have to learn and a number of ajustments that have still to be made. But, besides that, everything is going on.

This mornig my son and I didn't went to the cinema because while he was having his breakfast he was more time talking than just eating and, so, he wasn't ready on time!
Sometimes I think he talks more that a politician before an election!
It's good for him, though, for the practice, but quite tyring for everyone else arround....

I've been told sometimes I do talk quite a lot (what else could one expect from a Gemini?!....) but have I ever talked as much as he does?
And he is not even a Gemini (althoght his risign sign is....)....

Well, it wiser to put that on the account of training and experience; although some times the only thing I think of is "Be quiet!" although I do try not to say it unless it is indispensible.....
But I do think that with time, as he grows older, we will eventually learn that is more usefull to pass our time listening what exists arround us, and use the words when they are the most useful.

I don't know how everyting is going to be.
(Isn't that like always?....)
But I do know that I wouldn't change place with anyone in the whole Universe!
I do have my own problems to solve, a few other from others and a LOT to learn in the process. That's why I'm here, in this place, in this moment.
I do have a wonderful son and soon enough I'll be a father again.
And to those little perls, I must do my best so that when, in time, it will be their turn to have children of their own, they can look back and try to do, at least, as much as I'm doing for them, to give their children the possibility to be themselves.

That's what this old world needs; more people working on letting their children be themselves, teaching them to grew up and using the tools arround them so that one day they won't be just big children but little fathers and mothers, always eager to learn a little more and willing to theach what they have already learnt.....

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