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Ready to go to bed....

Today I connected my son's 1st computer (a 286 IBM laptop with 2 MBytes RAM and a harddisk, with MS-DOS) and he has been thrilled with it!
He is 3 years and 3 months old but now that he knows the whole alpahbet is trying to discover new things and how can play with the letters.
So, I've setup the computer in a way that starts with EDIT.COM when it initializes and opens a file with only his name.
He already discovered by himself that pressing the space bar when the editor starts, he can move his name. And it was a BIG discovery for him! His mother and I were invited to assist to his discovery!

What a honor!

But that is the way to learn.
Play with things.

Now we are going to put him in bed and going to rest for a while also, so, a good night to toy all, here in LJ land...

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