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Ready to go to bed....
Today I connected my son's 1st computer (a 286 IBM laptop with 2 MBytes RAM and a harddisk, with MS-DOS) and he has been thrilled with it!
He is 3 years and 3 months old but now that he knows the whole alpahbet is trying to discover new things and how can play with the letters.
So, I've setup the computer in a way that starts with EDIT.COM when it initializes and opens a file with only his name.
He already discovered by himself that pressing the space bar when the editor starts, he can move his name. And it was a BIG discovery for him! His mother and I were invited to assist to his discovery!

What a honor!

But that is the way to learn.
Play with things.

Now we are going to put him in bed and going to rest for a while also, so, a good night to toy all, here in LJ land...

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Antonio, you are such a good Dad.

Nitey nite :-)

I think that what I do is just what any dad would do.
I love too much to see him discovering new things and being thrilled to be able to do something he couldn't do before.

Isn't that what's life is all about?

To bouldly go where we haven't gone before?

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