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Setting up space for the computers....

I'm moving things here arround, trying to find where I'll fit a bunch os things that are not yet to go away but, at the same time, are not used constantelly, so I can find space to put the computer's monitor and, just for now, one computer.

I think that to have what I need here, I'll need at least 3 computers; one for the access router, internet gateway and firewall. Another one is to be the main linux server (the gallactica, like the one that were here in 1994-1996 and that grew-up to be a Linux server with four 1,2 GByte IDE disks and two 1 GByte SCSI disks!...) and the last one will be a Windows98/WindowsNT2000 computer, probably a Pentium III @ 800.....

This will enable me to continue working here just like at the office which is a good and necessary thing.

But, right now, I'll have to get back to "cleaning and puting things in their right places" mode.....

Anyway, a very good day to you all and I'll be back latter...
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